Koodookoo Tops Austin Jam Scene

Koodookoo lived up to the hype. A few days after the killer album release party the dust still hasn’t settled. This Austin band is putting out amazing original music. The roof at ABGB blew right off on Saturday night.

This show had it all. Beautiful ambient jams and a flowing set that provided soaring peak after soaring peak. Chalk full of debuts from the 5 piece band. Stand out versions of “Soul Monkey”, “Over the Hump”, and “Diamonds”; all off the new album KOO D’ETAT. The crowd went bonkers for the Neil Young “Hey Hey My My” - “Inspector Gadget Theme Song” mash up.

They Finished their scorcher of a set with “Blue Box Reprise” that got the crowd chanting “One More Song”. Which is rare in chill Austin, Texas. Koodookoo encored with The Dead anthem “Golden Road” that has the iconic line: “Hey hey, hey, come party every day!”

At the show the Backstage Voice did some questioning and asking; to get to the bottom of what the scene thinks about the newest talent.

“These guys are legit, I can see them touring with great success”

“Every time I see them, Koodookoo gets better and better”

“I put them above tons of second tier jam band on the road today”

“What an exciting time, Austin has a legit jam band!”

“They sound amazing tonight, best show they have played”

Austin has a standout jam band. A band that people in other cities cant wait to see on tour. A fan base and community that is growing by every show. The band’s die hard fans are dubbed: Koodookrew, and after Saturday, I could see them traveling to support their Austin band.

Austin | Texas
Saturday December 8, 2018

Set I : Omen*> Blue Box> Soul Monkey, In Strife, Admirals Daughter*> Hey Hey My My^> Inspector Gadget Jam> Hey Hey My My^, Gimmie a Sine> Place to Hide, Over the Hump, Diamonds, All Day*, Para Madre> Blue Box Reprise

Encore : Golden Road^^


^Neil Young

^^Grateful Dead

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